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At Submersible Pump Guys, you will find all kinds of submersible pumps. These include the sand and trash, dewatering pumps among others. Our experts will help you get the most out of the submersible pump that you require. There are great discounts available, so you will be able to save as much as 75% of the cost, whether in the purchasing or in the submersible pump repair or installation. Do you need a submersible pump with an output of 4 gallons per minute or one with an output of 90 gallons per minute? Talk to us on 800-408-5480 and let us know what kind of a submersible pump you are looking.


High output

At Submersible Pump Guys, we aim at enhancing the output of our submersible water pumps. We have most diverse types of pumps that provide various outputs. There are those that have higher output of up to 90 gallons per minute or 4 gallons per minute depending on what you want to use them for. There are pumps for home use as well as those for commercial enterprises. Talk to our experts in submersible pumps and learn more on the capacity of the pumps at our disposal.



Durability is usually an important aspect of the submersible pump. We deal in submersible pumps that will last for long after installation. They are also efficient and will therefore handle any kind of job easily.

Call us today at 800-408-5480 and enjoy our superior customer care services.

There are a number of issues that we will extensively address for your submersible pump needs:


We provide the best services in terms of submersible pump requirements. Our personnel are friendly, dedicated and committed to their work. They uphold work ethics and will therefore turn up at your premises well dressed and offer you the services that you require. They do not smoke, swear or use foul language. If any of these behaviors are evidenced at your place, do not hesitate to inform us for quick action. We will also not charge you for the services offered.


When it comes to repairs, we are strict on the part of the performance. We will therefore carry out a most comprehensive repair so that our fittings do not fail to function as per the warranty in the contract. In the event our submersible pump repair fails to work as expected, then will repeat the work free of charge. Kindly call us on 800-408-5480 and learn more about our services.

Replacement install

With our submersible pump installation, you can expect flawless functioning of the system. Our highly trained and skilled are keen on every aspect of the installation to ensure that everything works as per expectation. If this does not happen, our personnel will move in at your residence or commercial enterprise and replace the malfunctioning parts of the pump. If you demand for refund instead, we will oblige and give you back your investment without any problem.

For a professional quotation, kindly call 800-408-5480 and you will have a chance to have free evaluation and consultation courtesy of our industry leaders.

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